Raising Comfort to New Heights

TANK’S liberating spacious interior, coupled with cutting-edge technology, encompasses the ultimate modern family car. The TANK 500 incorporates a 12-speaker system with an independent power amplifier, offering an innovative user experience.

With a height of 1905mm, a width of 1934 mm (with side pedal), a length of 4886mm and a wheelbase of 2850mm, TANK offers unparalleled space.

All-Round Space on Board

The spaciousness of this car isn’t just about comfort – it’s also about practicality. With room for all your luggage, you can easily fit everything you need in the Tank 500. Experience the difference yourself with our spacious car.

Tank 500 Hybrid 360 View

Head Up Display (W-HUD)

Each TANK 500 is equipped with an advanced 12.3-inch Head Up Display (W-HUD), displaying driving information such as the vehicle speed through optical projection, enhancing the peace of mind on every journey.

All Terrain Capabilities

Each TANK 500 is equipped with a sophisticated 9-speed automatic transmission, an intelligent electronically controlled 4WD + centre, and a rear differential lock. Using advanced technology to optimise its performance in all driving conditions, the 4WD system is designed to automatically distribute power to all four wheels of the car, improving traction and stability on slippery or uneven surfaces. The real differential lock ensures that maximum power is put into all the wheels, providing a much-needed boost when using the car off-road or on a difficult terrain.

Exceptional Driving Experience

TANK’S contemporary dashboard offers the best in modern car amenities. The TANK seating ensures maximum comfort while driving, offering an optional massage function on the adjustable electric driver and co-pilot seats.

Endless Possibilities

Discover a world of comfort with endless options available in the TANK 500. A comprehensive range of state-of-the-art systems is included within the vehicle, with a 360-degree camera view, auto-parking assist, lane management, collision warning and braking, intelligent adaptive cruise control, and driving assistance with crawl control, to name a few.


Equipped with dual differential locks. Central Limited Slip Differential Lock + Rear Axle, Electronically Controlled Mechanical. Differential Lock: Outstanding performance, reliable function, strong ability to escape difficulties, 100% torque transmission between wheels can be realized.


The maximum approach angle is 24°, the maximum departure angle is 30°, the pass angle is 22.5°, and the ground clearance is 224mm.

The comprehensive possibility is excellent, and more complicated road conditions can be handled calmly.

Turbo engine + 8-speed 224 HP and 387 Nm Torque

Equipped with a 2.0 litre Turbo engine + 8-speed 224 HP and 387 Nm Torque.

Creep mode TCC

Activate this mode when climbing hills or complex road conditions.

ESP system, Automatic adjustment, and Drive torque and brake pressure. The vehicle consciously advances at a low speed, without the need to constantly refuel and step on the brakes, making off-road driving more worry-free.

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