On February 1, 2018, Brand Finance, an international brand value evaluation authority, released the Brand Finance Global 500. HAVAL brand was listed in the Top 500 Most Valuable Brands, ranking the top among Chinese automobile brands.

In March 2018, Brand Finance released the Top 100 Most Valuable Auto Brands 2018. HAVAL brand surpassed the prestigious international brands such as Ferrari and Aston Martin, rising to the 16th place and becoming the most valuable Chinese auto brand.

According to the China Automobile Residual Value Research Report released by China Automobile Finance and Residual Value Research Committee, among the Top 10 List of Third-year Residual Value of Chinese SUVs, HAVAL SUVs account for half of the list with outstanding cost performance and high quality, becoming the biggest winner.

Among them, HAVAL H9 won the first place with the third-year residual value of 54.79%, while HAVAL H1, HAVAL H6, HAVAL H5 and HAVAL H2 won the fourth, sixth, eighth and tenth place with the third-year residual value of 54.14%, 53.71%, 53.43% and 52.70% respectively.