Find a way out of no way

Launch new patterns
Create a global intelligent and professional ORV

Open up new categories
Empower hard-core ORV with intelligence & luxury, bringing unique product values and extraordinary driving experience.

Create new aesthetics
Find a balance between Fang (square) and Yuan (round), infuse geometric imagination, and highlight the style of “fashionable ORV combining rigidity and softness”

All-terrain control system
9 driving modes to meet the diversified needs of professional ORV owners and ordinary car owners.
Three locks
Electronically-controlled mechanical differential locks for front and rear axles:
the differential lock is locked via an electronic button, and the engine traction force is transferred to gripping wheels, thus improving the ability of extrication.

Dual-speed electronically-controlled part-time 4WD:
select the 4WD mode as per vehicle and road conditions to lock the front and rear axle wheels.
Tank turn
Reduce the turning radius of the vehicle, allowing it to easily turn in narrow places.
Creeping mode
Under special road conditions, once the creeping mode is launched, the system will automatically control the power and braking system to keep the vehicle operating at a stable speed, improving off-road safety.
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Tank 300 Hybrid 360 View

360° view imaging system
Four megapixel cameras are provided to capture surrounding images of the vehicle, and HD images are displayed on the console screen through panoramic processing. This improves driving safety.
Chassis perspective
The driver takes in everything happening on the road in a glance to ensure driving safety.
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Remote control

The signal covers the whole country, through the APP to realize the remote start of the vehicle, the vehicle positioning, the abnormal alarm of the vehicle, At the same time, it can remotely switch the air conditioner, the sunroof including the sunshade, the back door, and control the seat ventilation/heating.

Discover the power and efficiency of the Tank 300 Hybrid

Separate frame construction with professional off-road chassis
Provide a solid foundation for maintaining the torsion resistance and driving stability of the whole vehicle. Four trailer hooks mounted around, convenient for trailing and getting vehicles out of trouble.
・Approach angle 33° ・Departure angle 34° ・Ramp angle 23.1°
・Minimum ground clearance 224 mm, maximum fording depth 700mm, and maximum climbing degree up to 70%
2.0T direct-injection turbocharged gasoline engine
Added with multiple technologies, professional power tuning, Rated power 167kW, peak torque 387N•m, for both strong power and fuel efficiency.
ZF 8AT automatic transmission
Strong output at low speed and smooth output at high speed with excellent fuel efficiency.
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  • Tank 300

    Ultra-quiet vehicle NVH

    Double-layer soundproof acoustic glass,full-sealing engine compartment,engine full-coverage with multi-layer soundproof cotton,Apply the two-layer sealing rubber strip to the front doors, the three-layer sealing rubber strip to the rear doors,Apply the two-layer sealing rubber strip to the front doors, the three-layer sealing rubber strip to the rear doors
  • Tank 300

    Luxurious comfortable seats

    Seats are of ergonomic design, and meet the national standards, European standards, and American standards. The driver seat supports electric 8-way seat adjustment and 4-way back adjustment.Waist massage function in driver seat, ventilation, and heating functions, while real-row seats provide two-step back adjustment for a safe and comfortable riding experience.
  • Tank 300

    Aviation gear lever

    A bursting sense of science and ergonomic design, bringing a comfortable experience to drivers.
  • Tank 300

    Harman International Infinity sound

    QuantumLogic surround system, with 9 speakers and an external independent power amplifier, bringing amazing on-the-spot feeling and audition experience.
Colored intelligent instrument system
Dual 12.3-inch intelligent interactive screens, for real-time display of the altitude, air pressure, gradient, body roll angle, wheel steering, weather, and tire pressure; considering both the aesthetics and practicality.
Tank Sharing & Interconnection
Build-in such functions as entertainment, emergency rescue, security monitoring, and FOTA upgrade.
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Introducing the Tank 300 Hybrid, a revolutionary marvel of automotive engineering that seamlessly merges power and sustainability. This cutting-edge hybrid vehicle embodies a new era of driving, where performance meets eco-consciousness. Boasting a robust and dynamic design, the Tank 300 Hybrid is equipped with a high-performance hybrid engine that delivers an exhilarating driving experience while minimizing its carbon footprint. From city streets to rugged terrains, this versatile powerhouse adapts effortlessly, promising a smooth and efficient ride, no matter the destination.
Crafted with an unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability, the Tank 300 Hybrid is a testament to the future of the automotive industry. Combining advanced hybrid technology with intelligent power management, this vehicle sets a new standard for eco-friendly performance. With its intelligent energy regeneration system and seamless transition between electric and traditional fuel, the Tank 300 Hybrid optimizes fuel efficiency without compromising on power, ensuring a driving experience that is both exhilarating and responsible.

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