Brand Philosophy

HAVAL is a specialist manufacturer of premium SUVs and is the No.1 SUV brand in China (the world’s largest automotive market) and has been for the past 15 years. With over 4 million customers, last year HAVAL was the world’s 10th largest SUV manufacturer outselling Mercedes, BMW and Mitsubishi SUVs. Our success is due to a combination of commitment, passion and listening to our customers. We take the best features, safety and technologies from around the world to produce the best SUV we can.

SUVs are all we make

SUVs are all we make

At HAVAL, we don’t build cars, utes, commercial vehicles or trucks; only high quality SUVs. As specialists we are obsessed with detail and constantly look to refine and improve every part of the vehicle. We employ purpose designed SUV suspension that combines surprising off-road capability with superb on-road handling and comfort.

There is no mistaking a HAVAL for anything else on the road. HAVAL SUVs have been designed by leading automotive designers, inspired by the latest global design trends.

We use a combination of materials and textures that excite the senses and create an air of understated elegance and quality. Our exterior rear view mirrors, we use stainless steel adornments and French double stitching in our Australian leather-appointed seats.

HAVAL design

The vehicles are well proportioned, have a strong street presence and a sense of balance and poise. Our interiors are beautifully designed, with ergonomics, visual and tactile appeal being our priorities.

Global Technology

We believe to create the best SUV we can, we must find and use the best specialist suppliers from around the world. It is through these partners that we can access global best practices, leading edge technologies, inbuilt quality, reliability and advanced robotics.