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“Everyones jealous of my H2!”

We got the HAVAL on Friday so I’ve had it almost a week. I’ve already done over 500 kilometres in just the short time that I’ve had it.

The H2 is so smooth to drive. It stiffens up when you go quite fast so you don’t have to worry about swerving anywhere. Around corners it’s beautiful, acceleration is so smooth. It’s a sporty little car, without being too chunky. It’s fantastic for parking. It fits in all the underground car parks which is great with the baby. Every time I put my baby in the car she falls asleep. I can’t drive fifteen minutes without her falling asleep.

Everyone is super jealous of my H2. They’re jealous of the colour. They all want to have a drive. Everyone thinks it’s very flash.

No one’s allowed to drive my H2. The hubby has had a drive once and that was only a ten minute short stint, but no one else.

I couldn’t go past the “dragon”, the black and the red because it is just so smart. It looks great in all the colours but, nothing beats the “dragon”.

The mood lighting when you drive it at night is like being in a space ship. It all lights up but just enough so that it’s not too glarey. It’s under the doors, in your cup holders, just enough, it’s perfect.

“…it’s luxury without the crazy price tag!”

My HAVAL H2 is luxury without the crazy price tag. There is nothing I would change about this car.

Colleen, Connor & Jasmine


“We love our H9”

We love the HAVAL H9. It’s a beautiful car, great to drive and it’s got everything you could want in a family as well as a luxury car.

Connors’ favourite feature is the DVD player, “on long trips you can sit back relax and watch a movie”.

I love the H9 with the Bluetooth connect and the ability to stream music from your phone, the heated seats front and rear and the vented seats are great in summer.

“…it’s got everything you could want in a family as well as a luxury car.”

I love the front massaging seats. It’s really good when you’ve got a sore back or you’ve had a hard day at work and you can sit in the car and relax on the drive home.

The H9 is a beautiful car to drive, it’s smooth, has plenty of punch when you take off and is very easy to manoeuvre especially when parking with the reversing cameras and sensors.

We looked at three other cars before deciding on the H9 and to get all that the H9 offers, luxury wise, four wheel drive wise, and towing capacity we were very happy with the H9 especially considering the price and everything thats included.


H8 & H2

“HAVAL customers talk about their vehicles”

Four HAVAL owners share their thoughts and experiences that lead them to purchase their HAVAL vehicles. As you will see their buying decisions were based on the quality, equipment levels and of course the price.

“We were hesitant to come and have a look……but when we did we were surprised. Surprised with the quality, the equipment level and of course the price…” – Simon.

“…we like the look, the finish and the equipment levels…”

“So we decided to nit-pick and see if we could pick the faults with HAVAL……and I can say that we couldn’t pick faults at all.” – Simon

Real HAVAL owners talk about their SUVs

Allan & Deidre Anfilow


We have always been Holden people but we purchased our first HAVAL H2 LUX on January 20th 2017 from Plaza Auto HAVAL. As my sister lives in Suzhou China and we visit yearly, we saw the HAVAL in Shanghai last year and were quite impressed by the size of the Haval SUV and its appearance. I had been considering upgrading my Holden Astra which had done me well for the past 14 years, but it was time to say goodbye and give someone else the use of it.

Never having or driven an SUV was overwhelming at first but the HAVAL has won me over! After waiting for the right time to upgrade, we noticed we had a HAVAL dealer here in Adelaide, Plaza Auto HAVAL!  We took the next step and had a look. I saw the HAVAL H2 LUX (Ivory colour the only one of this colour on the block- I hated the colour at first but it grew on me). We went and took a test drive…..well the test drive did it! We are now the proud owner of a HAVAL H2 LUX.

May I say, there is a negative bias towards China here in Australia. Now with Holden’s made in Australia no more, these people do not compare apples with apples. The performance of my HAVAL H2 LUX is great! Rides well, performs well, has the grunt I need. Passengers in the back seat say there is more than ample room and the comfort of the interior is second to none. The interior mod cons with all its bells and whistles are impressive and so is the drive away price with all the added extras. Most of all it is affordable! Handles uphill climbs well (Turbo cuts in) fuel economy great, need I go on. My HAVAL H2 LUX gets the ‘thumbs up’ from us. Well done! to HAVAL! …… very happy HAVAL owners.


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