Recently, the “Passionate F1” Test Drive Activity of Haval H6 Coupe was held at Shanghai International Circuit. At the F1 professional racing track, Haval H6 Coupe made fierce competition with joint-ventured SUVs, performing a realistic “Fast & Furious”. In addition, the activity also arranged the static presentation, stunt show, and prop experience programs so that the attending media and friends could understand the excellent performances of Haval H6 Coupe from all-round and multiple perspectives.

Introduced by the staff as China’s first Coupe SUV, Haval H6 Coupe adopts the most popular design of fastback sporting car nowadays, with the golden dimensions of 4549x1835x1700 and the wheelbase of 2720mm. It is powered by the 2.0L direct injection turbocharged gasoline engine independently developed by Great Wall Motor, with maximum power at 145kW and maximum torque at 315N.m. Matched with 6-speed wet type double clutch transmission, it boasts a 0~100km/h acceleration time of 9s.

With an intense and stimulating stunt show, the Test Drive Activity was unveiled. 5 Haval H6 Coupes were paraded onto the stage. Under the flexible control of the professional racers, the high-speed Haval H6 Coupes changed various difficult formations with ease to fully reveal the solid chassis performance and excellent maneuverability.  

The prop experience program covered most urban road conditions, including the cambered bridge, sleeper road, tire road, S-bend, and reverse parking, to test the overall performances of the vehicle under various road conditions. Haval H6 Coupe is equipped with BorgerWarner TOD all-wheel drive system, which can multiply the torque against the cambered bridge, sleeper road, and tire road to play a significant role in terms of the entrapment escape, Hill-start Assist Control (HAC), and trafficability improvement. In addition, all models of Haval H6 Coupe are equipped with Bosch 9th generation ESP system. With the aid of this system, the vehicle completed the difficult road tests with ease, including the S-bend.

As China’s first Coupe SUV, Haval H6 Coupe integrates the powerful genes of sporting cars. To enable the attending media and friends to understand its sporting characteristic more vividly, this Test Drive Activity especially arranged the comparison test drive of Haval H6 Coupe against other joint-ventured SUV models, which manifested Haval’s confidence and strength of Haval H6 Coupe while enabling the media and friends to understand the performances of the vehicle more thoroughly.

At the Shanghai F1 racing track with permissible maximum speed at 327km/h and the braking speed at 87km/h at narrow bends, Haval H6 Coupe accelerated to 100km/h within 9s to manifest the excellent linear acceleration performance. In addition, Haval H6 Coupe handled the continuous bends with ease, manifesting its solid chassis calibration capability and outstanding quality.

According to the introduction of the relevant site staff, as a product developed with a customer-needs oriented philosophy, Haval H6 Coupe takes the trend and dynamism as the design concept from the beginning of the design, integrates the characteristics of both sporting car and SUV, caters to the pursuit of young consumers for fashionable and innovative products, features the “passion, speed, and trend” characteristics, and is expected to become another Chinese brand SUV being chased after in succession to Haval H6.