Another Glory! New HAVAL H9 -

Another Glory! New HAVAL H9

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Another Glory! New HAVAL H9

Another Glory! New HAVAL H9 Shortlisted Australian Annual Four-wheeled Vehicles

At the beginning of this new year, the Southern Hemisphere is going through a hot summer, but a fierce off-road racing raised its curtain on the track specially for four-wheeled vehicles in northern State of Victoria. Under complex road conditions consisting of hill, river, gobi and jungle, the professional assessment team aimed to test a series of off-road capabilities of shortlisted four-wheeled vehicles, such as suspension flexibility, traction controllability and HAC performance. As the only petrol engine vehicle among those shortlisted vehicles, the new HAVAL H9 left the judges a vivid impression by virtue of its upgraded power and its stable and excellent performance exhibited dazzled the audience.

“Australian Annual Four Wheel Vehicle” award, standing for spirit of exploration and adventure, is of unique significance for Australians living with a vast wilderness and harboring enthusiasm for cross-country journey. Without any doubts, more stringent assessment criteria are waiting here for this award. So, how does our new HAVAL H9 conquer the judges?

1. Major breakthrough in technological development 

The new HAVAL H9 is completely new from inside out, with an updated 2.0T double-channel petrol engine equipped has its power increased by 12.5% and torque by 8% (from 160 kw/324Nm to 180 kw/355Nm), thus providing drivers a better starting acceleration performance. German engineered ZF 8-Speed automatic transmission delivers a great launch feel, improved economy level (decrease in oil consumption by 1-2L compared with those with 6AT) and provided more smooth gear changes.


2. Lean and strict vehicle craftsmanship

The craftsmanship of the new HAVAL H9 is far more excellent than expected. Simple and straight outer lines and U-shaped frontal face give viewers a domineering feeling, showing us an image of a tough warrior. For interiors, combination of wood-grained panel, soft materials and leather makes NVH ultra-silent cabin grander and more luxurious.


3.  Imcomparable value for money

New HAVAL H9 is most cost-effective SUV this year. Compared with other brands, not only luxurious and delicate interior materials are provided, but more comfortable and security configuration is available. Panoramic sunroof, ventilated, heated and massaging front seats, 8-inch TFT color LCD, high-fidelity sound system, GPS and other multimedia configurations ensure consumers a comfortable driving experience. Blind spot monitoring (BSM), lane departure warning (LDW), hill-start assist control (HAC), hill descent control (HDC), cruise control system, tyre pressure monitoring and other security configurations can meet consumers’ demands in multi-functional SUV.

4. Super long warranty leaving no worries

In case of a long journey in remote areas of Australia, the judges seemed to worry about 80L oil tank of the new HAVAL H9. But HAVAL manufacturer offers a customized 5-year warranty for Australian market, making the judges confident in new HAVAL H9 and consumers trust and use HAVAL products without any worries.



5. Outstanding off-road capability 

New HAVAL H9 reaches the balance among comfortability, practicality and off-road performance. Its new 2.0L twin-turbocharged petrol engine makes the new HAVAL H9 run as fast as diesel engined vehicles from other brands on the off-road venue. With an electronic all-terrain control system equipped, its sensor is able to detect sand and snow conditions and adjust torque distribution accordingly. The new HAVAL H9 is good in controllability, easy to wheel with a small turning radius, and very suitable for cross-country driving. Large approach angle and departure angle can protect the chassis from scratch when the vehicle runs on a rugged road. High-strength rigid body can ensure a minor horizontal swing, offering drivers and passengers a relaxed and stable driving experience.


In evaluators’ eyes, New HAVAL H9 is a highly-configured, luxury as well as practical four-wheeled SUV. It has a high quality. “New HAVAL H9 gave us so much surprise, it absolutely is a dark horse among 4×4 off-road series vehicles”, Fraser Stronach, a specialized automotive evaluator, said. “At first, we did not hold any hopes for this Chinese brand, but its performance exhibited in this off-road racing changed our minds. Really, if I work for other car brands, Haval is definitely our strong competitor.”

Meanwhile, several well-known mainstream media in Australia and New Zealand conducted field tests on the newly-listed HAVAL H9 models in the professional 4×4 off-road venue, giving a very high rating:

 Fred, Journalist of The H9 after the facelift is just with might doubled.

 Issac, Journalist of Practical Motoring Reporter: The vehicle looks good inside and out, it’s comfortable to ride in on- and off-road and it’s properly capable when the going gets rough.

 Mike, Journalist of CarAdvice: The H9 was already impressive, and now it’s better again. The kind of early adopters who once bought Kias and Hyundais before they were established may be drawn to the Haval.

 Matt, Journalist of The improvement shown in the latest H9 is impressive. Haval mightn’t be a household name just yet, but the willingness the Chinese newcomer has demonstrated in adapting its product to suit our market is commendable.

James, Journalist of Carconversation: This is a manufacturer that is proactive in seeking & incorporating feedback to improve its cars. HAVAL has equipped the H9 with all the attributes to capture the attention of family buyers & weekend warriors.

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